7 Reasons to install PPF to your new or existing car


A car protection film protects your car’s exterior and body from several concerns. A few common reasons to car damages include debris, insect stains, bird droppings, dried leaves, UV rays, etc… Companies like ProShield PPF Montreal location have a list of reasons to help you take a wise decision. Our article is dedicated to all those car owners confused between whether or not to install PPF on their car model.

Other than the below reasons, if you have any additional queries or doubts, feel free to reach out your nearest car dealer and get it cleared by them.

7 reasons why you must install a paint protection film to your vehicle:

  1. Paint protection films help in protecting your car’s exteriors from weather conditions such as snow, rain, and summer heat. Simple wiping helps to bring back the same luster and shine of your car’s exteriors.
  2. PPF films help in preserving car’s value. Thus, if you ever wish to sell it off in future, the car’s intact condition will attract potential buyers. You will be surprised at the resale value of your car.
  3. PPFs act like a shield to your car that do not let anything settle down. Concerns like debris, bird droppings, scratches, dried leaves, etc… can be prevented. Your car’s paint remains the same for years.
  4. Quality paint protection films have self-healing properties that heals minor scratches and abrasions. Moreover, these films are made of materials that can easily withstand harmful UV rays and higher temperatures. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the paint’s wear or tear.
  5. PPFs can help you save a lot of money by preventing car washes. The ease of self-cleaning by installing these PPFs do not give you the need of taking your car to the garage. Maintaining these paint protection films is super easy.
  6. One more fact to look at is its superior protection to your car’s overall body. The material used in PPF blocks harmful chemicals and contaminants that may damage the look and appeal of your car.
  7. They have several packages as per the budget and choice of the car owner. Although, the films may have its pros and cons, you must ask a reliable dealer like ProShield PPF Montreal to guide you further on the same. Also check the cost of several types of PPFs suitable for your car.