Does Salvage Yards guarantee its used auto parts?


Do junkyards give a guarantee on their used car parts?
Our answer is always the same: those in good standing yes; the ones you should stay away from, no!
Used auto parts and yes we guarantee our auto parts and used bodywork. Search for all your used auto parts.

What kind of guarantee can you expect?

There are literally thousands of junkyards in the United States and there really is no industry standard when it comes to warranties. What we can tell you is what we do at Used Auto Parts and then you can compare that to other warranties you hear about at other junkyards.

At Used Auto Parts test every part and sell to make sure it works properly and once we’ve sold that part it comes with a 90 day guarantee. This means you can return the used part for a replacement or your money at any time during those ninety days. Here is our warranty information from our website:
Standard 90 day warranty All parts sold come with our standard 90 day warranty. We also have 6 month, 1 year, 2 year, 5 year and lifetime warranty extensions available. When purchasing your used part, you have the option of selecting extended warranty conditions.

Warranty on all parts, including electrical parts.

they have a no-hassle return policy. If the part doesn’t fix your problem happy to send it back to you within the warranty period.

Warranty periods begin with the date of purchase. If one of our parts fails, contact us and we will arrange a refund, repair or replacement of the failed part. If required, we can also assist in locating quality repair shops in the United States. We also arrange shipping.

What about other junkyards?

Comparing prices is our best advice. Some yards offer a 30 day warranty, others a 60 day warranty and some like us offer a 90 day warranty. A very small percentage of junkyards offer no guarantees, in which case we say “buyers beware!” In our opinion, a junkyard that is unwilling to offer a warranty on their parts is not a junkyard you should be dealing with.

What to do if no guarantee is offered?

In our opinion, walk away and don’t go to any junkyard that doesn’t offer you a guarantee but leaves you with this problem: where can you find the used part you need?
And the answer is online! Many scrap dealers can do an online parts search for you and find the part you need and ship it to you within days. It’s a simple process. Yes, you pay a small shipping fee, but you also get a quality used part you can trust from a reputable dealer you can trust. it’s worth paying the small shipping fee, right?